Organized Capital provides a centralized platform to execute deals and transactions.

Navigate the Private Markets 

with Organized Capital

Raise Money

We promote access to opportunities, positioning companies to fundraise via business loans, equity crowdfunding or private placements.

Make Investments

We curate teams of specialists, streamlining the closing process in compliance with the relevant rules, regulations, laws and best practices.

Create Liquidity

We facilitate exit strategies, arranging a secure space for buyers and sellers executing the purchase and sale of property and securities.

Get Organized to Put Capital to Work

You need professional expertise to compliment your unique business needs and personal goals.

Organized Capital coordinates all of the key players and manages all of the moving parts, from engagement through close.

We help owners and operators grow their enterprise, expand their portfolio and complete liquidity events​.

Community Round

  • Test the Waters: Gauge investor interest by launching a pitch, spreading the word and having supporters reserve spots
  • Promote & Publicize: Follow a personalized fundraising guide to kick off the campaign and start generating momentum
  • Reach the Target: Raise between $50,000 to $5,000,000 from customers and fans alongside VCs and Angel investors

(Pre)Seed Round

  • Debt Instruments: Obtain financing via friends and family, private sources, alternative lenders or local institutions
  • Future Rights: Underwrite operations with convertible notes, SAFEs, warrants, revenue loans or profits interest
  • Priced Equity: Issue common or preferred shares at an agreed upon price, establishing the company’s valuation

Special Purpose Vehicle

  • Structure InvestCo: Prepare governance, draft subscription documents, onboard investors, file Form D and Blue Sky
  • Centralize Closing: Track funding progress in real-time as investors review materials, sign agreements and wire funds
  • Build Private Portfolio: Manage back-office with integrated banking, cap-table, K-1s and annual compliance

Acquisition Vehicle

  • Investment Group: Establish a partnership entity to grow through pooled resources and shared decision making
  • Holding Company: Set up a parent-subsidiary structure to control voting power with limited operational responsibility
  • Rollup Platform: Form an operating company designed to grow organically and scale up through strategic add-ons

Growth Financing

  • Alternative Lenders: Apply to non-bank options, private credit, invoice factoring or merchant advances
  • SBA Loan: Qualify for long-term debt to purchase inventory, equipment, real estate or an existing business
  • Minority Stake: Sell a non-controlling position to take money off the table or to buy out current shareholders

Off-Market Listing

  • Controlling Interest: Share the opportunity to acquire your company or property with a private network of purchasers
  • Secondary Sale: Satisfy liquidity needs of early investors and employees through a third party or a company buyback
  • Strategic Partnership: Collaborate with like minds in pursuit of a common objective, sharing the risk and reward

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